Adult Training Programs

CMP offers a range of programs and services focused on equipping adults with job and educational skills. Our Adult Literacy Program (ALP) helps economically disadvantaged immigrants and refugees to become contributing members of society. While CMP's tuition-based programs help those interested in pursuing a new career direction or to improve on current work skills.

The Adult Literacy Program (ALP)

Funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development of New York City (DYCD) and the City Counsel, ALP provides English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to low-income new immigrants in the Chinese community. As a CMP cornerstone program—started since CMP’s inception in 1972 and served more than 400 people daily at its height, the ALP program has helped thousands of immigrants improve their English and prepared them for life and employment in America. The program takes great pride in its outstanding teaching staff and a very distinguished performance history: 40 years of ESL teaching; near perfect student attendance rate; high student achievements (educational gains); and continuous “excellent” ratings from DYCD.

In Fiscal Year, 2011-12, the program served 249 individuals with 80% making one or more educational gains. Currently, ALP offers 4 ESL classes daily and enrolls more than 100 people per cycle; our current cycle started in February 2013, runs for 16 weeks, and will end in mid-June, 2013.

Tuition-based Vocational Trainings

CMP offers tuition-based vocational trainings, skills preparation, and job placement service to people who are seeking career advancement or employment opportunity. Programs are offered for both entry level jobs as well as career leading opportunities, satisfying the needs of both skilled and non-skilled job seekers. Responding to labor market needs and community interest, these programs are designed to enhance specific workplace skills for students, and to open job potential to the community.

Why CMP?

  • CMP is a licensed Private Career School under the Government Agency of Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS)
  • All program curriculums are approved by New York State Department of Education
  • All instructors are BPSS licensed and bilingual. Courses are lectured in English - students are able to communicate in a language they feel comfortable with
  • National accredited certification and licenses are awarded to students upon completion of the courses

Current Programs

  • Certified Nurse Aide
  • EKG Technician
  • Phlebotomy Technician 
  • Freight Forwarding Operations 
  • Accounting & Quickbook Course

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