A Big Success for CMP's 2016 Career Building Award Gala


A Big Success for CMP's 2016 Career Building Award Gala


Shau Wai Lam Image

Mr. Shau-Wai Lam

Keynote Speaker & Career Builder Award

Sophia Ng Tsao Image

Ms. Sophia Ng-Tsao

Emerging Leader Award

Ze Wen Mai with Peter Koo Image

Mr. Ze Wen Mai with Council Member Peter Koo,

Spirit of CMP Award


CMP’s 2016 Career-building Gala was a huge success! 400 guests joined us to celebrate the achievement of our honorees, local entrepreneurs who transformed traditional businesses and provided job opportunities to our local community. Congratulations Mr. Shau-wai Lam of DCH Auto Group, Ms. Sophia Ng-Tsao of Sanus International, and Mr. Ze Wen Mai of Bright Nail & Spa!

As an entrepreneur himself, Councilmember Peter Koo understands the importance of small businesses in the community. At CMP this year’s Gala, he also presented the CMP Spirit Award to Mr. Ze Wen Mai, CMP’s honoree in small-business entrepreneurship.

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Sponsor Image

Mr. Nelson Louis from the Ong Family Foundation and Ms. Peggy Sheng from the Coalition of Asian-American Independent Practice Association (CAIPA) also joined us as Gala’s Mission Champion. Thanks to their generosity and support, CMP has been able to successfully host Career Building Award Gala during past years.

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Besides the Ong Family Foundation and CAIPA, CMP also received sponsorships from various companies, organizations, and institutions. Without their support, CMP could not provide such services like Adult Literacy, Small Business Counseling, Job Placement, Vocational Training, Youth Services, and other services to our community. Thank you all for your support!

For more pictures of this wonderful evening, please visit http://bit.do/CMPgala2016.


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