CMP 45th Anniversary Gala

CMP is a workforce development and entrepreneur assistance, community-based nonprofit organization in New York City. Each year, CMP recognizes excellence from a selected field of occupation to serve as an inspiration for our participants to seek success in a more diverse career choices. This year, in celebration of our 45th anniversary, we will pay tribute to the people who choose the human service career.

Please join us and celebrate the evening with our honorees and to show our appreciations for their dedicated work. Below, please kindly see our honoree list.

CMP 45th Anniversary Gala Honorees

Sponsorships and journal ads are still available, kindly refer to our sponsorship package below for reference. You can purchase your sponsorships or ads here or as instructed in the package.

Download the Sponsorship Package here.

For questions, please do not hesitate contacting Hong Shing Lee, Executive Director at (646)292-9669,, or Nadia Kang at (646)292-9667, Click here for photos of 2016 Gala.

We look forward to spending a memorable evening with you as our sponsors and guests!

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Capitale, 130 Bowery St, New York, NY 10013