CMP promotes economic self-sufficiency and career advancement through equipping individuals with job & educational skills, credentials, leadership qualities, and entrepreneurship opportunities. We work with all segments of society, with a distinct track record serving the Asian American community.

Why CMP?

CMP is recognized as a leading workforce and economic development organization in the New York community, addressing the issues of poverty and under-employment, helping aspiring entrepreneurs to start up businesses, as well as assisting Asian American professionals to advance in their career path. Many Asian American New Yorkers are first-generation immigrants who struggle with barriers to education and employment. Within this population, many cannot speak or write English and few have a support network.

CMP understands the barriers to opportunity among those in greatest need. Through partnerships with government agencies and other community-based organizations, CMP has successfully expanded the community’s access to resources and networks. CMP empowers individuals to participate and contribute fully to society professionally and economically. With over 40 years of dedicated service, CMP excels in providing job and economic development opportunities and is a trusted leader in this area of service.

Key Accomplishments

Our success rate has been consistent since our organization’s inception in 1972.  Over 95% of our youths are either successfully placed in a job or attending college after completing the Out-of-School Youth program.  And in recent years, CMP has garnered a successful job placement rate of over 85% for our participating students in all our other vocational programs.  For our entrepreneurs, CMP has helped nearly 400 businesses create jobs and increase sales by $2.8 million since 2000 when the Business Outreach Center launched.  Additionally, our series of curriculum consistently receives an “Excellent” rating from the NYC Department of Small Business Services."